***For Immediate Release***


Aaron Schrag

Campaign Manager



Sound fiscal management and building a strong economy

New Britain Needs leadership that is committed to NB

Some of the voters I have spoken with have said “well what is your vision for New Britain?”.

I want to bring businesses to New Britain that provide good paying jobs that allow people to support their families. This means getting business and local people in the room to develop a long-term plan that creates a real vision for New Britain. We haven’t found our sense of being since we lost the factories all those years ago. We need to think about what the future holds and plan accordingly. Downtown does look nice but you can’t support an economy of 70,000 people with just a nice looking downtown.

By bring businesses to the city, our tax revenue will go up. This will not only allow us to lower the tax burden on residents but also invest more in our education system which ranks 166 out of 169 in per-pupil spending.

I also know that when I am elected mayor, dealing with the city’s debt issues is going to be a big challenge. I plan to bring in some of the smartest and most honest people I know to help me come up with a plan to pay down our debt and still move the city forward.

I won’t pretend to have all the answers and I also won’t pretend that this is going to be easy. I can say I am committed to New Britain’s future, its families and its children.



Paid for by Merrill for Mayor 2017, Nathan Simpson, Treasurer, Approved by Merrill Gay.